Integrated Debtors, Creditors, Cash Book, and General Ledger

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UNITE is an Accounting System that has been designed to do more than just bookkeeping.

It is a comprehensive system which can handle 100 or more companies and 100 divisions within each company. The flexible chart of accounts structure allows the most complex corporate structure to be modelled.

Designed for the ‘real world’, UNITE provides online real time information regarding debtor and creditor accounts including the facility to use multipel ledgers.

In addition to supplying the standard accounting functions, such as;

  • Transaction Reports
  • Double entry Bookkeeping
  • Online realtime enquires
  • Multiple currencies
  • Import/Export from other applications
  • Extensive Customisation
  • Multiple Debtor and Creditor Ledgers
  • Customer defined transactions
  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Asset Registers
  • Insurance Schedules
  • Budgets
  • Accruals
  • Aged Analysis
  • Statements
  • Remittance Advices
  • Bank Deposits
  • Trial Balances
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Full General Ledger for 100 companies


  • Chart of Accounts Number
  • Debtors/Creditors Name
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Date
  • Value of Transaction
  • Currency
  • Exchange Rate
  • Date Exchange Rate Set
  • Job Number
  • Description
  • Reconcilliation Date
  • Batch Number

Correctly used, UNITE can be an effective tool, helping you to manage your business. UNITE achieves these goals by firstly being an excellent bookkeeping system, and secondly, because it can be tailored to fit your business exactly. UNITE produces timely and accurate reports, and has a high availability e.g. processing doesn’t have to stop just because it’s the end of the month.

By utilising the FREE FORMAT SYSTEM UNITE produces reports that anaylse your business performance highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in your trading for any period you may specify.

UNITE is a multi-company, multi-divisional accounting system with menu options that provide consolidation and unlimited reporting at any level your company may need.

The principle accounting tool is the FREE FORMAT REPORT GENERATOR

UNITE stores end of month figures for ever ledger for the life of the system or as required. The report generator allows you to print anyone of these figures as either a year to date or monthly balance anywhere on a report. It can also do arithmetic allowing you to define formulae for ratios, averages, variance etc., and print the results in your report. Carefully designed reports can quickly identify those parts of the business that are and aren’t pulling their own weight.

All UNITE data is stored in UNIBASE files. This means that the powerful UNIBASE database system can be used to produce customised transaction reports, reminder letters, audit reports, budgest, and financial statistics.


UNITE is an easy to use Accounting facility with all data and banking being entered via the one screen format, thus offering fast and accurate processing of source documents and storage of data. Training of staff is simplified due to the single data entry format and consistent philosophy throughout the UNITE functions. Data can be entered fro months other than the current accounting month.


UNITE transactions are entered firstly into batches. Each batch has a unique number and when transactions are posted they retain their batch number. It is therefore simple to trace source documents. In addition with UNITE FREE FORMAT REPORTING specialised audit requirments can be met.


  • Operational Approach : menu driven system with security levels of operation at each option available. All menu options and procedures handled in the same manner. Data input direct from source documents or in batch format. One data entry screen only – all data entered via one data entry screen with limited training required. Data can be entered for months other than the current accounting month.
  • User Defined Implementation : tailored installation procedure for the chart of accounts, master files, transactions reports, and other reporting levels.
  • Minimum Training : minimum training period allows for more users to be trained if needed. Junior staff can be entering data after a short training session.
  • Simplified Installation : logical chart of accounts procedure and assistance for establishing the financial structure and charts with a duplication facility is a simple procedure using a basic screen for all master file entry. Experienced installation staff available to help you with the process.
  • Up to Date Financial Reporting : management is provided with the tools and information necessary from a comprehensive range of financial reporting from analysis of data available immediately after data entry and posting.
  • Speed up Processing : simplified data entry procedure and elimination of repetitive tasks speeds up processing.
  • Reduced Dependency on Skilled Staff : while most accounting systems depend on skilled staff, whom over a period develop an understanding of an intricate system, with UNITE skilled staff are not required. UNITE has a single data entry screen format that enables staff to familiarise themselves with the system after limited training and operation.
  • Flexible Reporting Tool : your individual reporting needs can be met by using the optional UNIBASE free format reporting to access the UNITE accounting files as well as the established UNITE reporting.
  • Built in Redundancy : source data removed after archiving only, thus files can be reconstructed without re-entering data.
  • Financial Budgets and Cash Flow : budgets and cash flow reporting can be developed with UNIBASE and the relevant performance actuals drawn out of you UNITE files.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails : Data is entered in batches and after posting, transactions retain their batch number for easy reference to the original documents and coding.
  • Balanced Entry : debtors and creditors transactions as with other transactions are always analysed for debit and credit allocation ensuring a balanced set of accounts.