DENARI is a robust POS specifically designed for the high pressure, large volume transactions experienced in the retail world. It is a multi-register, multi-store, integrated system for any sized organisation.

> REMAS (REtail MAnagement System) and FORUM

REMAS and FORUM are integrated, objected oriented Retail Management Systems customised for the Footwear and Fashion industry. In particular, they are continually adapted for the client’s needs as required.

The POS system and the retail management systems are part of a central database communicating in a two-way live session throughout trade. Stock deliveries, staff information and sale data come from the POS and the retail management systems sends back pricing, stock, orders, store information, messages, rosters and other documents direct to the register.

In addition, REMAS and FORUM have optional integrations with Australia Post, MYOB, Tyro Payments, 3rd Party EDI systems, Magento and WordPress. Further integrations are available upon request.


Advanced rostering systems are available as part of REMAS or separately. Remove the need for sprawling excel spreadsheets with this easy to use, completely integrated system that easily handles upwards of a thousand staff. Customisable, compliant with staff contracts and live, it is suitable for use by store managers and head office. Rosters can be locked and distributed to staff and stores with a single click. Copy your complex Boxing Day rosters from the previous year, live edit direct to the store, evaluate the cost of your roster and set up automatic staff appraisals. Click here for more information.

Autopay is an accredited, integrated payroll system that links to REMAS and the rostering system. Using the store timesheets, Autopay automatically does the complex calculations involved in paying retail staff including time and a half, week end pay, overtime rates, sick and annual leave and super. Autopay also handles staff commissions and provides easy to ready payslips for staff.