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DENARI is a robust piece of point of sale software specifically designed for the high pressure, large volume transactions experienced in the retail world. It is a multi-register, multi-store, integrated system for any sized organisation. Installed by our staff on a range of computers, it is light weight, intuitive and secure.

Available for use with or without integration into eftpos machines, it is suitable for a range of businesses and will grow with your company.


Limited Release Stock:

Designed for World Releases, prevent your stores from displaying or selling stock before a release date. Includes notification upon delivery, daily updates on register, automatically printed reminders and email contact on date of release. Set and forget from head office.

Automatic inter-store refilling:

Assign another store as a shop’s warehouse to enable the automatic refilling system. Adjust the refill interval and the shop register will refill itself from available stock based upon live sales and transfers throughout the day. Requires no monitoring or management. Keep stock on the shelves of your best selling stores.


The most flexible, automatic markdown system available. Controlled from Head Office, always know what your product is selling for. Set markdowns by company, state or store with future start dates allowing you to prepare specific sale events in advance.

Prices are automatic at POS upon scanning the item regardless of label, reducing confusion and increasing the speed of your sale. No manual calculations.


Do you have a large sale event? For special sales such as Boxing Day and VIP nights use our Promotional Sale Event system. Set up a sale for a percentage or dollar amount, start-end dates and times for all stock excluding or including markdowns. Apply this to stores or the company and it will run in the registers automatically without requiring any re-labelling of stock.

Perfect for short VIP events that last a few hours. The sale will begin and end by itself and calculate all prices automatically taking pressure off staff. Promotional names appear on the dockets and can be edited at any time up until the sale.


Set special discounts for stores with percentage, dollar or variable amounts. Staff never need to manually calculate discount figures for a sale. All discounts are reportable by staff, store and type including special staff discounts for your employees.

Sticker Printing:

Re-sticker a whole store with full price and sale stickers automatically. Special promotional sale stickers, markdown stickers and price change stickers are also available to print in a range of options from display pairs only to all stock in the store depending on your setup.

90 second transaction time:

DENARI integrated sale times average 90 seconds from start to finish allowing you to really push the sales through in peak periods. No manual calculations, completely automated discounting, default surcharging and integrated eftpos machines make sakes easy and fast for staff.

24 hour trade:

For registers trading 24 hours, the DENARI system warns staff three minutes before mid-night of its automatic till off process which re-sets the eftpos terminals and allows staff to return to trade immediately after minute. No room for error, money is always banked on the correct day and only a four minute downtime.

Shop messages:

Head Office can communicate directly with the store POS machines at any time using the Shop Message function which prints messages through the till roll where they are most likely to be noticed by staff. Message can be sent to the whole company, state or other selections of stores along with email notifications to management staff. Perfect for special release instructions.

Automatic Surcharging:

Pre-set surcharging on credit cards and on screen messages removes the hassle of taking Amex and other surcharged credit cards. All surcharges are automatically applied and calculated during the sale process.

Company-wide Stock Lookup:

All stock lookup screens include stock information for the whole company, grouped by state to allow staff to find stock in other stores for their customers. In addition, there is a special, in-transit value so that stores can identify stock already on its way to their store. These screens are customisable based upon preference.

Staff also have access to stock that is currently on order for their store for keen customers who wish to pre-order.


DENARI POS registers are completely operational without a live internet connection so if the lights go out, you can continue trading for as long as you need to without having to worry.

Automatic Till Off:

Registers will always till off by themselves at midnight even if staff forget meaning your records are always safe and secure. The register tills off the eftpos machine so your banking records will always match.

Linux – Remote Access:

DENARI runs on LINUX registers – the fastest, safest and most secure operating system available. Extremely lightweight, the system only takes up a fraction of the computer’s processing power leaving plenty of space for emails, web browsers and documents. No need for clunky computers, DENARI runs on Brick computers, mounted either under shelves or to the back of the monitors where they won’t be noticed.

Register Security:

All transactions must go through the till in order to use the eftpos machine or open the cash drawer. This means you’ll always have a record of what happened in a store.

End of day process:

Save hours of staff time with an end of day process that takes a couple of minutes, even for your largest stores leaving staff to focus on stock instead of the till.